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Sandra Morris is passionate about helping clients maximize the expression of their personal style even as she relieves them of the stress and anxiety of trying to do it themselves. She loves helping create spaces that enhance  clients’ health and well being at home and work.​

​Sandra Morris owns and operates Statements in Design, a full service interior design firm. She brings more than, 30 years of interior design experience to Austin, Houston and San Angelo. She has also embraced projects as far afield as Santa Fe, NM, Annapolis, MD, Baton Rouge, LA and other cities. ​

Sandra was featured in the Houston Post for her creative use of recycled architectural antiques and building materials long before recycling was deemed the environmentally responsible thing to do.

​​Sandra earned a Bachelors of Interior Design from Louisiana State University. She is a registered Interior Designer with the state of Texas and a LEED Approved Professional.  

​In addition, Sandra capitalizes on her ongoing personal quest for real time research  when it comes to recommending low and non-toxic materials to create the healthiest homes possible for her clients.

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Sandra Leigh Morris, RID, LEED AP

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