​This exciting loft, located in the historic Hermann Building in downtown Houston, was left opendeconstructed allowing the original beams, columns and brick walls to remain exposed while finishing the separating wall and foyer with sleek painted block paneling. We used contemporary cabinets, Carrera marble countertops and stainless appliances in the exposed kitchen. Dimmable lighting was strategically placed to create mood and drama. The use of Found Objects juxtaposed to contemporary art adds to the repurposed look of this inviting space.

​A Spec-house plan was redesigned and modified pre-construction, creating more work and storage space, much better furniture layout areas and creating art display walls. This charming three-story townhome was created for an ethnic art and textile collector who enjoys entertaining and cooking frequently. The welcoming public spaces are located on the second floor in an open floor plan divided by function rather than walls. The atmosphere is one of restful comfortable hospitality and casual elegance.. The bedrooms are on the third floor separated by a seating area for privacy and to muffle sound.

​The master suite renovation was the last area to be completed in this traditional architect-built house that was refurbished over the period of a decade. The owners preferred contemporary furniture but had inherited a large collection of world-class antiques that they couldn’t part with. The challenge was to blend the two elements in a fresh, exciting way on a budget while updating the bath, improving the storage areas, and making the area as ADA accessible as possible for the future.

​The marriage of two previous homeowners and their furnishing resulted in the redesign of abuilt Greek Revival spec house in the Historic Heights of Houston to accommodate the mix. He was country oak and she was anything western; their common denominator was travel and an affinity for things Asian. The result was an exciting blend of cultures and color changes from the builder’s original brown and white color palette. A collection of existing rugs, plus a few I selected, became the basis for the color schemes in most rooms. The design of the living and dining rooms were created from scratch, with a few notable exceptions. The result was playful and exciting with lots of whimsy, a true reflection of the fun people who live there.